Finanical security for you and your family.

Most people have a pre-determined ‘dislike’ for insurance because they feel it’s something they have to have, or which is forced on them – like car insurance for example… However many people choose to insure their pets, gadgets, or even watches – but don’t give enough thought to protecting themselves and their family.

Purchasing a property is, for most people, the biggest investment you’re ever likely to make – so it makes sense to protect your investment and to make sure you and your family are covered in the event of something happening which could mean you’d lose your home (or effect your lifestyle).

In addition to advising on your mortgage, we will also advise on your protection requirements as well and help you to understand the benefits of the types of cover available to you. Your needs will vary depending on if you’re single or married, whether you have children or others financially dependent on you, etc. The types of protection we can advise on are below;

Life insurance - pays out in the event of your death or if diagnosed as being terminally ill

Critical Illness insurance – pays out if you are diagnosed with a defined critical illness (such as cancer, heart attack, stroke etc)

Income Protection – pays a regular income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury

The policies can be set up according to your requirements and are underwritten specifically to ensure that the policy will do as it is intended to do, should a claim ever need to be made.

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