Shared Ownership

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Shared Ownership is a scheme introduced by the government to provide affordable housing to those not in a position to mortgage a property outright, but who want to get on to the housing ladder sooner rather than later. You purchase a share of the property’s total market value, normally between 25% - 75% and pay discounted rent on the percentage share that you do not own. 

With most Shared Ownership schemes, you have the option to ‘staircase’ over time, which means you can purchase additional shares in the property – and ultimately own 100% of your home. Most Shared Ownership properties are new builds but there is a ‘re-sale’ market where housing associations sell pre-owned properties back to the market, so you can always look at both options.

Shared Ownership is geared mainly towards first time buyers, council or housing association tenants and military personnel – but if you don’t tick one of these boxes you may still be eligible, and as the criteria can vary from one housing association and region to the next, it’s important to request information from the local schemes in areas you’ll be looking to buy.

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